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Fobs Copied Dublin

Updated: May 26, 2021

Fobs are a plastic device which has a chip located in the centre of the fobs this is attached to a copper antenna which magnifies the signal of the fob when presented to a reader.

At Fogarty Lock and safe we provide an unrivalled copying service which is fast and a simple walk in process, we have the most sophisticated machines on the market and ensure we are market leaders in our trade.

Fobs can be copied directly in our shop or by simply posting your fob ton our premises located on Dame Street in turn we will provide a safe return of your copied fob via registered post.

Remote key fobs can be purchased directly online or in the shop they have a special Qr code located on the rear side of the product which will guide you through a simple fob cloning procedure.

Another useful feature of our ever increasing service is our 5 minute fast repair service which ensures the safe function of your copied fob or original fob.

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